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How Do I Get Mail To Come Into Mailboxes?

I set up two mailboxes on my Mac Book. The mail comes into the inbox but not into the individual mail boxes.

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    4 years ago

    New mail comes into the inbox. That’s what the inbox is for. If you want incoming messages to automatically skip the inbox and go directly to a folder then you have two options.
    The first is to use the mail server to do it. Gmail handles this with filters. You can do it with rules for iCloud (use the interface).
    Another option is to use Mail rules in the Mail app on your MacBook. The problem is that then it will only work when you get the mail on your MacBook. If you read your mail on an phone or other Mac at some point, then it won’t get the chance to use those rules on the new messages.
    If you are not using an advanced email system like Gmail or iCloud, then I would look into switching to one as you seem to need this feature.

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