Understanding Smart Folders, Albums, Mailboxes and Playlists

When using smart folders or albums it is important to realize what they are. Items are not "in" a smart folder or album. They are simply the results of a search. The items remain where they were. You can't delete items from a smart folder or album because that wouldn't make sense.

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    Anders Kempe
    3 weeks ago

    Hej Gary,
    Thanks for the clear description about smart xyz on the Mac.
    But, this doesn’t apply to the iPhone/iPad e.g. smart albums in Photos.
    Please, add a comment about this, and also a separate video how to manage/sync smar albums.

    3 weeks ago

    Anders: Yes, the iPhone version of Photos is missing Smart Albums. Hopefully they will add it one day.

    Don R.
    3 weeks ago

    Thanks Gary, excellent clarification and description of smart folders. This will undoubtedly help my organizing of files photos and songs.

    Jeff Davis
    2 weeks ago

    Love all your videos. How do I delete a smart folder?
    Thanks a bunch

    2 weeks ago

    Jeff: Do you mean from its location in a folder, or do you mean in the Finder sidebar? If the former, just drag to the Trash like any other file. If the latter, Control+click and use the context menu or drag it far enough away and you'll see an X.

    1 week ago

    Does the search area need to be Indexed by Spotlight in order to create a Smart Folder for it?

    1 week ago

    Bill: Yes.

    3 days ago

    A fifth place where you can use Smart List is the Contacts application.

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