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How Do I Get My iPhoto Images Back?

iphoto is no longer available,I have several projects that have quite a few projects with retouched images. I have access to the completed photo books, but not the actual images. images were set up in folders with raw and retouched images, I can’t find any of them.
if I do a search, nothing comes up. I am currently running EL Capitan 10.11.6.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I would hate to think I lost all those images, it was a lot of work.

Also, on a side note, I have images that are in photos. They were downloaded from a digital camera. How do I access them to work on them in photoshop, and then save them for future projects

Thank you in advance



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    6 years ago

    Is the problem that you no longer have the iPhoto app, or that you no longer have your old iPhoto libraries?

    If you have the old libraries, you can import them into the Photos app. El Capitan is pretty old and I can't remember what Photos was capable of back then, but you should be able to import those libraries into your current Photos library. You can also open up the iPhoto Libraries (Control+click, Open Package) and get to the image files inside.

    If you are missing the actual iPhoto libraries, then that is where the pictures were and they are gone now. Unless you have a backup or archive, you no longer have those files.

    With the current version of Photos you can easily edit images in an external editor like Photoshop. But with the old version you have, you'll simply need to export the images (File, Export or just drag and drop) and then open those files in Photoshop. Save them as you wish, as Photoshop files, or drag and drop exported jpg versions and bring them back into Photos if you like.

    6 years ago

    Thank you for your advice I found the images,imported them all into photo. However, I also need to find the actual folders where the images and the PDFs for the books are. I have a folder called I photo library
    I am assuming my images are in there , but I can’t open the folder. I get a message
    That I have an out of date version of iPhoto and I should download the newest version. I’m not sure that will solve my problem. There has to be a way to access the folder Do you have suggestions

    6 years ago

    Why do you need to access the actual files? You should never mess with the contents of a library as it will corrupt the library and lead to trouble. If you need to export the images as files, then drag and drop or use File, Export from inside Photos.

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