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How Do I Get My Resume, Which Is Saved As an RTF onto Another Website?

I have my updated resume saved as an e mail file. It is in word format. However, it got saved as an .rft.rft file. Now I am unable to transfer it to the website of a potential job. How can I transfer it to their website?

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    12 years ago

    So it sounds like that web site you are using is insisting on Word documents for resumes? Do they accept something more cross-platform, like maybe PDF documents? You can print-as-PDF from any application on a Mac, so that would solve your problem and insure that your resume looks exactly like you want it to look.
    I'd contact them and ask if you can.
    If you want to convert your .rtf file to Word, you can do that in Microsoft Word, of course. But Pages also saves as Word format too.
    Actually, if you use Lion, then TextEdit can also save as Word format.

    Tom Abbott
    12 years ago

    If you are having difficulties with saving the .rtf document as something else you can always just open MS Word (assuming you have it) and then just copy and paste from your .rtf document to Word. If you don't have Word, then maybe use Google Docs, open a Word document there and do the copy/paste.

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