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How Do I Get Navigation Sounds When iPhone Plugged In?

How do I get my iPhone navigation apps to give me voice driving instructions while my phone is plugged in to the charging on the car?

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    6 years ago

    In an ideal world, your iPhone should get a signal from your car telling it that it is just providing power and not other services. But many (most?) cars do not, and assume that if you plug in your phone, that you want to play the audio from your phone. If you can do that, then great. But if you switch to the radio or something else, then your iPhone plays soundlessly into the car's system and you never hear it.

    But I can't tell you what will happen in your situation. Even if I knew your car model, I wouldn't have the same car, so I don't know.

    Here's what you can try. After you get directions and press the GO button, you'll see directions appear and a control area at the bottom with arrival, hrs, mi and a big END button. Drag that section up and you get additional controls, including an Audio button. Tap that and you'll get volume controls, and a few other things. And maybe, just maybe, you'll get the option to switch between car audio and speakers. But my own results are mixed using different cars and different versions of iOS. The last time I tried (2 days ago with iOS 12 beta and a Mazda rental) I didn't get the option to switch to speaker. So I had to unplug my iPhone to hear directions since we were listening to the radio in the car.

    Let me know what you find when you try it.

    6 years ago

    Hi Gary, I got it to work using the above set up...without the radio turned on. Also got it to work with your suggestions and pairing my phone with the audio system and bluetooth. Thanks for the help and all you do! Happy 4th!

    6 years ago

    greg: Not sure what steps you followed. But glad you got it working.

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