Using the Keyboard Navigation Option On Your Mac

Learn how to switch on Keyboard Navigation to use the keyboard to navigate through dialog boxes and some app windows with just the keyboard instead of using a mouse or trackpad.

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    Frank W
    1 year ago

    Like all these vids by Gary, he clicks so fast one cannot follow. Also, not suitable for laptops since cuts off the bottom of the screen.

    Bruce Harrell
    1 year ago

    I use the control-option-i "item chooser" to navigate far faster and more certainly than tab. I don't know if it works when VoiceOver is turned off. I'm blind. Smile. I do admire how much sighted users can accomplish with what little aid they get from sight, though.

    1 year ago

    Frank W - rewind is obvious but I sometimes have to use slower speeds which helps a lot & makes Gary sound funny as a bonus. 😀

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