Forum Question: How Do I Get Rid Of an Unrecognized Shared Computer?

My “Shared” section in the sidebar of Finder windows lists a Windows computer which, presumably, is one somewhere in our neighborhood. It’s definitely foreign to everyone in our Mac-only household. I don’t want its distraction. How can I get rid of this? Thanks.
John Russell

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    8/23/12 @ 10:26 pm

    I think you have bigger problems. Maybe.
    If you can see a computer under the Shared section, then it is on YOUR network. So if it really is a computer in the neighborhood, then they are using your network to get on the Internet, and possibly your other computers.
    Is your wifi secure? Are you using WPA2 security (do you have a password set, in other words).
    If you don’t have WPA2 turned on, then you should do that right now. That will kick that person off your network.
    Note that it doesn’t mean it is your neighbor’s fault. They may just have their computer set to the default to find any network — and yours is the one it finds. But using WPA2 will close it off to them.
    On the other hand, are you sure it is a computer? It could be another devices that is legitimately on your network: a cable box, game console, wireless printer, mobile phone, etc. So it could be yours, it is a possibility.

    John Russell
    8/24/12 @ 12:57 pm

    I do have a long, secure password set. My network name in the wi-fi pulldown menu has the locked padlock icon showing. The Firewall is set to be on. But I just chose to “block all sharing services” in the Security and Privacy preference pane and I don’t see the reference to the Windows “visitor” at this point.

      8/24/12 @ 1:19 pm

      If you had a password set, then I’ll bet it was some sort of other device. Cable box, TV, etc. What was the name of the device?

        John Russell
        8/24/12 @ 2:19 pm

        The name was a long random string of lower-case letters and numerals. Didn’t make a note of it. It was identified as a Windows device, though. We have no such thing. I’ve found that it’s not good to “block all sharing devices,” though, when I use iTunes for downloading podcasts. Sigh.

          8/24/12 @ 2:57 pm

          Ah, yes. I’m almost certain that it was a cable box, TV, game console, wireless printer or something else. I’ve seen that many times. I’d think about what other devices you have in your house that access the Internet. Don’t be fooled by it saying that it was a “Windows device” — that can appear for things like printers because they are trying to act like a computer on the network for various things. My Canon all-in-one printer showed up as a windows device with a random string of characters, and so did my Samsung TV.

    John Russell
    8/24/12 @ 3:16 pm

    It just came back in view as ‘brwc446199dbe9e’. A Command-I shows it as “Kind: PC” and when I click on the disclosure triangle for More info in the Get Info window, I get the spinning gear with the word “Fetching…” which doesn’t stop.

    We have a Brothers wireless printer…wonder if the “brw” stands for Brothers Wireless?

    Anyway, I’m reassured by your input. Many thanks.

      8/24/12 @ 3:38 pm

      A quick web search tells me that, yes, Brother wireless printers have wifi names starting with “brwc” — so that is it.

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