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How Do I Get Rid Of or Change My Image That Shows Up In My Sent Emails?

I’ve noticed that all emails that I send have an image of myself as well as “sent from my iPad” as part of the text block. Is there a way to get rid of or change this? The picture is a bad one and I would like to replace it with a better one and I would like to get rid of the “sent from my iPad” permanently.
Darryl Lord

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    9 years ago

    These are two separate things.
    The image of yourself that you see (others will not) is from your Address Book. Each entry in your address book can have a picture associated with it. Your entry must have that picture there. Mail just uses that picture as an icon with any email — if you have an incoming message from someone else in your Address Book and they have a picture too, then you will see that picture.
    If you are talking about on your iPad, not a Mac, then Address Book is called “Contacts” there.
    As for the “sent from my iPad” — that is just a signature added to email from your iPad. Go into Settings, Mail, Contacts and Calendars, and look for the “Signature” setting.

    Darryl Lord
    9 years ago

    Wow, thank you for the quick response, much appreciated.

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