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How Do I Group Edit Multiple Photos In Apple’s Photos?

I edit my photos in Photos. Is there a way to mass edit a group of photos? I find that when I’m editing a group of wildlife pics, I make some of the same adjustments on all of the pics. It would save time to be able to make the same edits all at once.
I would like to group-edit some of my wildlife photos in the Photos program mainly to save time spent editing. I know that some editing software has this feature available, but I’d prefer to continue working with Apple’s Photos program.
Ron Wheeler

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    1 year ago

    Yes. Make the changes to one photo, perhaps the one that os the most representative of the group. Then go to Image, Copy Edits. Then select the other images, all at once with the Command or Shift modifier key to select multiple photos from your library or album. Then use Image, Paste Edits.

    This is a brand new feature in macOS Ventura and Photos 8.0.

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