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How Do I Have Mac Number Display a Random Image In A1 From a Column Of Images?

Latest mac os. Trying to get Mac Numbers to display a random image from a column of images in F1 to F10.
Xavior Knight

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    2 years ago

    Basically: You can’t. Cell images are simply backgrounds. They aren’t the cell value. So formulas can’t see them or do anything with them.

    But, here’s a way that may or may not fit what you want.

    Create a new table with 3 columns and 10 rows.

    In A1 put the function

    In B1 to B10 put the formula

    In C1 to C10 put empty cells with the images you want as the backgrounds.

    Now you should see a random number in A1 and 9 “false” and 1 “true” value in column B.

    Then add a filter to this table. It should be Column B “text is” “true.”

    Now you should see all of the rows hidden except for one.

    Then select columns A and B and choose Table, Hide Rows.

    Now you see one cell with one of the 10 random images in it. Every time you update other cells, the RANDBETWEEN is recalculated and the random image changes.

    Xavior Knight
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary! This is amazing! Is there a way to use this with 3 columns of images for 3 random image boxes?
    I want to build the image database once with full functionality, and then simply change the column it is pulling from.

    2 years ago

    Xavior: No, not really. But you could have one table with all images in there, then select a random number from 1-10 to represent the first group, 11-20 for the second, and 21-30 for the third group.

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