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How Do I have Safari Open To Full Screen On Boot Up?

When I boot up my MacBook Air and open Safari
it does not open in a full screen only 50%. How can I get to open into Full Screen?

I can’t find anything in the settings to change the Safari window to full screen on boot up.

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    1 year ago

    Option 1: Don't boot up because you never shut down. Just sleep. See:

    Option 2: Don't close your Safari window. It is the WINDOW that is full screen, not the app. If you close the window, then when you launch Safari again you are creating a new window, not reopening the previous one. The new window is not yet full screen because you haven't made it full screen yet.

    Note that when you quit an app you have the option as to whether its windows are closed. See that option in System Settings, Desktop & Dock, Close windows when quitting an application.

    8 months ago

    That's not it. I want it to open after closing in full screen as it used to. Suddenly, it opens in about 25%

    8 months ago

    Rich: So you close the Full Screen window? That closes the window and the window is gone. Or do you mean you take the window out of full screen mode? Or quit the app? Or something else? How you proceed really depends on the fine details here.

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