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How Do I Hide the Name Of One Specific File?

We have a couple of Macs in our senior resident computer room and our community has an online information kiosk, aka website. I’ve been asked to create a little desktop icon on those Macs to get residents to that kiosk with a single click. I’ve created such an icon stating its purpose in bold letters, but below it is the label “Capital Manor Kiosk.webloc.” How do I get rid of that, leaving just the crisp and clear icon I’ve created? (I’ve used your technique of copying and pasting to the Information window so far.) Thanks as always.
John Russell

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    5 years ago

    Just set the filename to a space followed by .webloc. Then Get Info on the file and check Hide Extension. The result is a name under it that is just a space and thus isn't really visible.

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