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How Do I Import Photos Only (not Videos) In Mac Photos?

I am a YouTuber running MacOS 10.14.3, and use iMovie 10.1.10 to edit my videos. When I return from a trip, I want to import my photos from my iPhone into the Mac Photos app (v 4.0), and the videos into iMovie. iMovie makes the latter part easy: I can choose to see All Clips, Videos Only, or Photos only. I don’t see a way to do something similar in Photos.
I could import everything into Photos, but then I have to delete all the videos, clean out my Recently Deleted folder, etc. I take a LOT of photos and videos on my trips, so manually selecting them for import isn’t trivial.
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Kurt Papke

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    2 years ago

    The way you are doing it is probably the best way. You either have to deselect all of the videos before import, or just import it all and delete the videos. It really isn’t that hard to do the latter. Selecting the videos, deleting them, and clearing the trash should just take a minute or two.

    Another method would be to use Image Capture to import your videos first. You can view as a list in Image Capture, then sort by kind, then grab the videos and save them as files. Then you can opt to delete those. So when you do your Photos import, you only have photos left. The you could drag and drop those into iMovie.

    Or, you could stick with your iMovie import as step one. Then step 2 is to use Image Capture, list, sort by kind, select the videos, Control+click and delete them all, then import using Photos. That may be your ultimate workflow, though it is hardly fewer steps than using Photos and deleting the videos after.

    I’m using iCloud Photo Library, so this is naturally happening all of the time. Everything syncs to Photos, so when I return home all of my photos are already there. I do then take a minute to delete the videos since I store them in another location (Finder folders for me). The big advantage to iCloud for this is that I’m not storing those precious photos and videos in one single place (my iPhone) during all of that travel. If my iPhone gets stolen, I will probably only lose the last few photos taken, instead of them all.

    Kurt Papke
    2 years ago

    OK, thanks for the quick response. iCloud doesn’t help me a whole lot because most of my trips are off-grid wilderness backpacking. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some trick in Photos to just import the photos. I’ll probably go the Image Capture route as I’m already familiar with that workflow. Thanks!

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