Forum Question: How Do I In Large a Column In Numbers?

Im trying to place a thumb nail picture into a cell of a column. If the column can be in larger too two cell in one then I would be able to place a picture of a check inside the cells of each column.

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    1/21/12 @ 10:18 am

    Are you trying to put two things in one column, or just have a column that is larger than the rest?
    If you are trying to place two things: don’t. Keep each element in its own column. Put the picture in one column and the checkbox in the other. There is no reason to try to combine them. Just have them next to each other.
    If you are trying to enlarge a box, then simply move your cursor to the top of the column (where the letter for the column is) and drag the right side of that top-of-column box to the right.
    Alternatively, you can select the entire column (click on that same top-of-column box) and bring up the inspector. Go to the Table Inspector portion of the inspector and there is a field for column width.

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