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How Do I Locate Apple Recommended CD/DVD Printing Software?

I need software to continue to print CD/DVD labels for seniors’ life stories.
(Memorex CD/DVD Label Software no longer supports Apple.)

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    2 years ago

    I don't think you'll find any "Apple recommended" software for that. Apple doesn't recommend third-party software usually. I guess sometimes the staff of the Mac App Store will feature apps, but I wouldn't consider that a real recommendation, just store marketing. The same as if a supermarket puts an item on an endcap, it is just marketing.

    But do you really need software for this? I'd image that you just need a template for the labels you bought. For instance, if I look on Avery's site, they have Pages, Word, and Adobe app templates for their products. So just download the one that matches what you bought, open it in Pages or whatever, and use that.

    I mentioned Memorex labels, so maybe check to see if they have templates you can download. If not, maybe buy some different ones.

    Of course you can just make your own template. Just measure everything on the sheets you have and design something in Pages. You can always scan in a sheet to use as a background, and test by printing it to a regular sheet of paper and holding it over the Memorex sheet to get things right.

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