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How Do I Lock Specific Cells In Numbers?

I need to lock selected cells on a Numbers work sheet. I know I can lock the whole sheet, but I only want certain cells.
What I have been doing is making a shape the same size as the cells I want to lock, lower the opacity to 0 then lock the shape to cover the cell. It works, but is really clumsy. Any insight would be appreciated.
Ed Weaver

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    11 months ago

    The key is to use separate tables. With Numbers, you design sheets using multiple sheets per table. See some of the templates for examples — or any of my Numbers videos here.

    So create a table that has the values others can change, and then lock all other tables. This may mean a visual redesign of what you originally had in mind.

    Keep in mind that tables can be as small as a single cell. So it is possible to use a 1×1 table for a value and have that unlocked, and then other things locked. For instance, a mortgage calculator may have 1×1 tables with the amount, rate and time period. There can be text boxes and shapes used around those cells to create a nice design. Those are the only unlocked cells. The table that then shows the schedule of payments is locked.

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