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How Do I Make a 4-Fold (Quartered) Greeting Card Template?

Well I’m trying to use Pages to make a 4-Fold greeting card using one piece of paper that is regular letter size. I have no idea what I’m doing because when I used publisher on windows it had a built-in template. I’m new to Mac so i called apple support and they said it can’t be done. I’ve tried looking in the App Store but I do not see what I’m looking for. I really like making cards for people and office for Mac doesn’t have publisher in the suite. Can anyone help?
Ryan Morgan

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    2 years ago

    That's weird that they said "It can't be done." Why not? It is just printed stuff on paper. Of course you can do it.

    Page Layout mode, obviously. I would start by showing the Rulers and then putting guides halfway horizontally and vertically. Then you can see the four quarters. Design what you like on each of the 4 quarters to represent the inner left, inner right, back and front. Then just remember to grab everything on each inner part, group them, then rotate each group 180 degrees so it is upside down.

    Then print and try it. If something is too close to the margin, make adjustments and print again.

    Ryan Morgan
    2 years ago

    Thank you, Gary! I will let you know if I have any difficulties. I won't be able to try it for about a week though. But it sounds very doable.

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