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How Do I Make a Keyboard Shortcut To Put My iMac To Sleep?

When I got this computer several years ago the keyboard has no eject key. I put my iMac to sleep with the Shift, Command, eject command. I’ve watched YouTube videos, including Gary’s, and this morning attended the NMUG inservice on keyboard shortcuts. NONE of the examples are presented where the directions match what my computer shows me. I’m in Ventura now and it is even more different. How am I able to make my own keyboard shortcut to put my iMac to sleep? Thanks to anyone! : )

Each night when I go to bed I like to put my Mac to sleep rather than let it run for a while.
Ken Oyer

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    1 year ago

    It depends on whether your keyboard has a power button, or a Touch ID button. If you have a power button that is not Touch ID, you should be able to use Shift+Control+Power just like Shift+Control+Eject.

    If you have Touch ID, you can hold the Touch ID button for 1.5 seconds and it should lock the screen. The same if you use Apple Menu, Lock Screen (Control+Command+Q). Then your Mac should go to sleep fairly quickly after that.

    You may also want to look into using a Hot Corner for this. Go to System Settings, Desktop & Dock, then click the Hot Corners button at the very bottom of the list. Choose a corner and set it to "Put Display To Sleep." You can hold a modifier key, like Command, when setting this, so then it would require both the modifier and the pointer to move to the corner for your Mac to sleep.

    You can also set your own custom keyboard shortcut for the Apple Menu, Sleep command. I demonstrate this, and a few other methods, in this video:

    Ken Oyer
    1 year ago

    I decided to use the control/command/Q. It works. Thank you!

    Brian Silverio
    1 year ago

    Using the touch id button confused me for a second. Using the finger that unlocks the Mac it locked and immediately unlocked it. Using any other finger works as expected.

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