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How Do I Make Hyperlinks In a Pages Document?

I’m writing a very lengthy book, and want to cut down the volume of words in chapters, but still have the information available if it’s wanted.
Traditionally, I would move the items to appendices, but want to publish electronically.
Jeanette Brentnall

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    4 years ago

    Do you want to link to webpages? If so, just select the text, choose Format, Add Link, Webpage. Then you can enter in a URL for the link.

    Or, perhaps you want to link to these appendices? You can do that too. First, create a bookmark for the title of each appendix. So select the title, then choose Insert, Bookmark. You can review these bookmarks by going to the Document sidebar on the right and choosing Bookmarks.

    Then you select the text that you want to link to this appendix. Choose Format, Add Link, Bookmark. You'll be prompted to select the bookmark.

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