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How Do I Make Lookup a Date In Two Different Formats In Numbers?

I have a table that has three columns. The first column is a Date (in short date format, the second column is a contact type. There are 7 different contact types (Home visit, Hospital visit, phone call, etc) I want to enter a record that records each contact I have. That record will include a name, and possibly a note. On a separate sheet I want count all of my contacts, by type, to create a monthly report. Because there could be as many as a hundred entries a month, I want to be able to specify the month I want to generate the report for.

In other words, if I am doing a report for July, I want to count the number of contacts I had in July by type. But I only want the report show the contact data for July. Does that make sense

Fred H Chapman

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    4 years ago

    The date format doesn't matter. The cell has a time in it, and you choose the format for display purposes. You could take the date and extract the month, use AND to include the type from the type column, and then have a true or false value. It would be true if both the month matched and the type matched. Then do a COUNT on that column.

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