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How Do I Merger Multiple MS Word Documents Into One Document?

I have about 15 individuals MS Word documents that I would like to merge into one document. I see how I can do this one document at a time using insert–>file. But I would like to do multiple documents in one feel swoop.
Robert H Aucoin

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    8 years ago

    Actually, I don't see how to insert even one document using the method you describe. With the latest version of Word for Mac (360) if I use Insert, File I can't select a .doc or .docx file -- it seems to want an image or other type of object. If I choose Insert, Object then I can do it with a .doc file, but I only get the first page -- which oddly seems to be the way it works according to what I found in searches.
    I also tried drag-and-drop. I selected 10 .doc files, dragged them into a blank Word document and it worked. But I only got the first page of each. So clearly the "Insert" function is not what you want here -- it puts a single visible object in the document on a single page. It is not meant for merging.
    So I think your only method is copy and paste. Open the 15 documents and a new one. Switch to the first document, copy, close it, go to the new document, paste. Repeat 14 times. Sounds like a pain, but should be only about 5-10 minutes at most.

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