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How Do I Mirror My iPad To My Mac?

I am trying to mirror my iPad to my MacBook Pro 2013. I can’t use Sidecar as it is not compatible.

I am trying to mirror my iPad to my MacBook, as I am a teacher and I want to walk in the classroom, using my iPad while its screen is projected onto my MacBook. I have tried several apps, but none seem to work fine. Only works with Google Chrome, though unstable.

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    3 years ago

    There are a few thing you can try. If you had a newer Mac and could wait until the fall for macOS Monterey, you could mirror your iPad using AirPlay to your Mac. You can try the same thing using right now and see how that works for you.

    Or, you could get an Apple TV and AirPlay to that. I assume your MacBook is connected to a projector of some sort? Then connect the Apple TV to the projector and AirPlay to it from your iPad. Or, a cheaper method would be to just get an HDMI adapter for your iPad and connect your iPad directly to the projector.

    You can also connect the iPad to your MacBook with a cable, and then use QuickTime Player to "record" the iPad's screen. But you don't actually have to record. Just start a new screen capture of the iPad and use the preview window that appears to view the iPad's screen on your Mac.

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