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How Do I Move an iPod Touch App Backed Up In iTunes To My iPhone?

I have a home theater with a 120” screen and a ceiling mounted high def projector. I use the “L5 Remote” app on an old 4th Gen iPod Touch to control 8 pieces of video and sound equipment. It works great! I spent hours programming the L5 app, and I have the old iPod Touch backed up on iTunes. The “L5 Remote” app itself is no longer available in the app store, but I have it saved in my iTunes app library.

Unfortunately now my 4th Gen iPod Touch no longer holds a charge. So I just loaded the L5 Remote app from iTunes onto my iPhone. However, this loads the native L5 app. Is there any way I can use the 4th Gen iPod Touch backup in ITunes to move the “programmed” L5 app to my iPhone, so I don’t have to spend hours reprogramming control of all my equipment on the iPhone?
Tony Biegler

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    3 years ago

    Probably not. The programming is probably saved as local data inside the app’s data space. Or, it could be potentially saved to an online account. Of course if the app is no longer available, then even if the data is online, it may not be online anymore. Probably not anyway as it sounds like the data is stored locally.
    So one thing you could do is to backup your iPod touch and then restore your iPhone to the backup of the iPod touch. That would WIPE EVERYTHING from your iPhone, so I doubt you want to do that.
    You could always get a battery replacement for the old iPod, or get a new iPod touch and restore that to the backup of your old iPos touch.
    Otherwise, I highly recommend moving on from this app. It is not a good idea to stick with an app that is no longer in development. You are lucky that it works at all on your iPhone and eventually it will stop working on your iPhone. So then you will be forced to move on. It is painful to do so, I know, but easier now while you have time to figure out a new solution than later on when you may wake up one day and find the app no longer works at all.

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