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How do I move an iWeb project to another Mac?

A couple of year ago, I put together an iWeb project for a friend’s organization. Now he has his own Mac. How can I give the project to him so I can remove it from my Mac?

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    10 years ago

    That’s a tough one. It isn’t really supported at all (yet another reason not to use iWeb).
    You can find your library of iWeb data here:
    userfolder/library/Application Support/iWeb/
    It is just one large data file. So after transferring it to the new Mac (which will delete any iWeb data there) you would have to run iWeb and maybe delete any sites you didn’t want transferred.
    If these sites use MobileMe then you may have further complications. Of course MobileMe web hosting is about to end, so this might be a good time to switch away from iWeb if that is the case.

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