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How Do I Move Photos V2 (Sierra V10.12) Into Family Tree Maker or

Earlier versions allowed drag and drop. Won’t do it now. I click on add photos and drag into the appropriate space but it doesn’t work. FTM and ancestry are latest versions.
Don Oltz

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    8 years ago

    Are there third-party applications, or websites? One of each?
    If an app, it sounds like the app may be having a problem if you can't drag and drop onto it. I would contact the developer and report the issue.
    For websites, well, it depends on how the site is built. Some sites support drag-and-drop, and others aren't that sophisticated. Again, it could be an issue that you need to inform them about so they can improve.
    But there are other ways to select photos. If a file selection dialog box appears, have you tried selecting Photos under Media in the left sidebar? That should give you a list of your photos, and albums and other organizational structures.
    I'm sorry, but it is hard for me to advise since I don't use either of these apps/sites. If I did, all I would do is to experiment and try things to see what the best method may be. Or, maybe ask in their support forums for suggestions.

    Don Oltz
    8 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I'm scrambling. Grandma died and I got saddled with digitizing some 500+ photos. I just finished getting that done and was shocked to find I couldn't add them to the family tree the way I used to. I clicked on "add media" and dragged one into the box and it wouldn't accept it. No error messages. I'll try some of your hints. Thanks again. Don

    8 years ago

    Don: Sorry to hear about your Grandma. I'm thinking that maybe one or both of these sites have a "bulk uploader" or some sort. I'd search for that term in their online support sections.

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