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How Do I Move Word Files While Document Is Open?

Trying to move a powerpoint file or word file using the file -> move option on the upper bar. I am trying to move it from one folder to another on my mac.

*This is while I have the document open* When I try to click file->move, it immediately goes to “Microsoft Sharepoint” instead of asking me which file I want to move the document to.

Weirdly enough this problem only occurs when I am trying to move a ppt or word doc. I don’t have this problem for PDFs.

(P.S. I know that I can drag and drop and do all the other ways, I just am wondering why this way doesn’t work).

Would appreciate the help. Thank you!

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    3 years ago

    Word and PowerPoint are both apps from Microsoft and they have chosen to do something different when you choose File, Move than most other Mac apps. Instead of a standard save dialog, they are using their own special dialog that gives you access to things like Microsoft OneDrive.

    When I try it, I see Recent Folders and OneDrive. But I also see + Add a Place at the bottom left. There I can add OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. But I don't see any way to add a local folder.

    This is either a bug or intentional behavior on the part of Microsoft. You aren't doing anything wrong. The only workaround is as you suggested: to move the file in the Finder. And perhaps give feedback to Microsoft that they need to fix this problem.

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