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How Do I Navigate From Mac Screen To Dock By the Keyboard, Without the Mouse?

How can I navigate from the screen to the Dock without the necessity of using the mouse to click on the Dock and selecting and application?

The when working on projects one has to take hands off of keyboard to mouse and back.
Aubrey El

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    2 years ago

    So what is your goal here? It is simply to launch an app? If so, then to do that with the keyboard I wouldn't use the Dock at all. The Dock is more of a visual mouse (or trackpad) interface element. It is great for a point+click launching of the apps you use the most.

    To launch an app using the keyboard, I would either use LaunchPad with your keyboard shortcut (Touch Bar, LaunchPad key, or the shortcut you have set in System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts) and then type the first letter or two of the app name until it is the top choice, then Return to launch it. Or, use Spotlight (Command+Space) and type part of the app name, and Return to launch it.


    But also, note that if you use an app all the time, then it is probably still running as you probably don't want to quit it if you are using it that often. So then you can just use the App Switcher (Command+Tab) to switch to it.

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