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How Do I Network an Epson RX520 Printer

I have just bought a new iMac but would still like to maintain my windows XP. I have an Epson RX520 printer and would like to network it to both computers. Is there such a thing as a usb splitter that I could plug into both computers and the printer and then just flick a switch depending on which computer I wanted to print off?
G Culleton

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    7 years ago

    There’s no such thing as a USB splitter. USB doesn’t work that way.

    If the printer is not a network printer, then you are stuck having it plugged into one at a time.
    You may be able to get it set up on one of the two machines as a printer available to your whole network. Don’t know how to do that on Windows, but on a Mac with Mountain Lion you would go to System Preferences, Print & Scan, select the printer and then choose “Share this printer on the network.” Then click the button next to that to set it up.
    But I’m not sure if Windows XP is able to see such a shared printer.

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