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How Do I Open and Edit Two or More Keynote Presentations At Once?

I am running OS X 10.12.2 on a new MBP Touch Bar. I often create and edit my Keynotes with two different presentations Open at once so I can move back and forth between them to Copy/Paste, etc. Today I discovered that I can only have one Keynote, and one Pages document for that matter, Open at a time. When I Click on a second document or Keynote, the Open file disappears and is replaced by the second one. I can’t get the Two Screens option to work from the same Application either.

Thanks for helping!

Kathleen Kirkpatrick

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    7 years ago

    Both Pages and Keynote support two or more documents being open at the same time, as you remember.
    Perhaps you are opening the second document in a tab, and just not noticing the tabs at the top of the window? Tabs in these apps are new in Sierra.
    Or, perhaps you are using Mission Control and the other document is on another desktop?

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