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How Do I Open Files Without Extensions (made In 1999) and Now Using Mojave?

In 1998, I made a file from Mac’s version of word/pages and they have no file extension, in todays OS High Sierra- by clicking on the name-it shows a terminal exec icon with unix executable. Getting info on it gives no application available to open it. BUT if I manually add .doc to the file then Pages will open it. (BTW I actually downloaded Pages to my MBAir). There are over 30 of these. Is there a quick way to change all at once?
Karen Frazer

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    5 years ago

    So from 1998, this sounds like they were AppleWorks files. That's what Apple had as an office suite before Pages/Numbers/Keynote. But if you said that simply changing the filename to include .doc worked to open them in Pages, well then maybe they are old Microsoft Word files. Or, they could be rich text (rtf) or even files created by one of the applications that mimicked Word.

    Anyway, I wonder if simply dragging the files to the Pages icon in the Dock will work to open them for you.

    If you simply want to add .doc to each file name, you can do that with the Finder's batch rename function. See Batch Renaming Files in Mac Finder .

    Karen Frazer
    5 years ago

    Your guess is correct - they were made in Word Perfect - long gone by now. Dragging the file onto the Page icon in the Dock did not work. Got the slashed circle and box "blah blah- choose other app". The Batch option only gives 3 choices that work for renaming the file name file - can't add only an extension since all the files have various names.
    Anyway, I went thru and pasted .doc to them and they open in Pages fine.
    Thanks to your Mojave. Cheat Sheet, it wasn't too painful to do..

    5 years ago

    Karen: You can choose "add text" as a rename option and then add ".doc" to them. But it looks like you've got it.

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