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How Do I Open Item Using Right Click In Save Pane?

I want to Open a file whilst in a programme’s Save window. How do I do that?

For example when I Save an attachment from an email… I save it to the desired location.
I then repeat the save attachment from the email to reveal the location where I have saved it…

But then when I right click on items in the window…

It won’t let me Open the previously saved item
It won’t let me rename a file in the Save window
It won’t let me Quick look

It will let me move items to Bin
It will let me Duplicate item

It will let me Show in Finder which then opens yet another Finder window elsewhere on the screen from which I can then Open the file

At the end of the day I have hundreds of Finder windows!

Any idea how to improve the workflow? Enabling right click Open Item would be a great improvement!

thanks Pete

My reason is to simply workflow and reduce clicking. But more importantly I am dyslexic so I rely on spatial memory to find items on the screen. When I have too many open Finder Folders all over the screen in random positions I find it very difficult to work.

Device: Mac Running Big Sur

App: The Finder, Something Else
Peter Jones

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    3 years ago

    Try Command+R for "reveal."

    So do the save. Then save again, but use Command+R to open up the location in the Finder. Now you have that location in a Finder window and can close the Save dialog in the app you are using.

    Better still, use Command+R while saving. So start to save, but before you click the Save button use Command+R. Then you get the Finder window with the location. Return to the Save dialog and click Save. Now you don't have to go to the Save dialog twice.

    Peter Jones
    3 years ago

    Thanks Gary that helps greatly! although it still creates a new Finder folder window. The key thing is to be able to right click Open the associated project file the asset needs to be added to. - Pete

    Peter Jones
    3 years ago

    I am still not sure why I can't right click to Open an item or Send item to the Bin from the Save As window like I can in a Finder Window.

    If I right click could I invoke a script to Open the item or move it to the bin? or a Quick Action?

    3 years ago

    Peter: It is just the wrong place to do it. The purpose of that window is to select a location for saving the current document.

    Peter Jones
    3 years ago

    ok - thought I was missing some setting or skill. Many thanks for your help. - Pete

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