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How Do I Open Some Files In Text View and Other Files In Icon View?

Can you open some files in text view, and open other files in icon view mode?
At present when you choose text mode all the files in the computer open in text, and reversely if you select icon view all the files in the computer open as icons.

Is it possible to have some files in text view and some in icon view?
Joe Renzetti

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    7 years ago

    So some terminology (so others reading this can follow):
    I think what you mean are folders, not files. You want to open some folders in a Finder window in either icon mode or list mode.
    So start by creating a new Finder window. In the Finder, choose File, New Finder Window. Then go to one of those folders. You can now switch between Icon, List, Column or Cover Flow view in the toolbar. You can also use the items in the View menu, or Command+1 to 4. So it is easy to switch between them.
    Then if you want to make sure that this folder always opens in that view mode, choose View, Show View Options (Command+J). The top option is "Always View In..." and the current view type. Now when you create a new Finder window and go to that folder, it should display in the view you want.

    Joe Renzetti
    7 years ago

    Almost: Let me put my question another way: I'd like all Folders that contain jpgs - psd - graphics, to open in the icon view. All Folders that contain text - textedit, to open in the list view. i.e. All graphic folders open in Icon view. All text files open in List view. All without key strokes. Is this possible? Thanks,great work, much appreciated.

    7 years ago

    Joe: No, not really possible. It would require macOS to analyze what you have in a folder and guess how you want to display it. It can't guess. You have to tell it. So certainly if there is a folder full of images you can switch to icon view and make that the default for that folder. If you have a folder with text files, you can set the default for that as well. Once you have set the defaults, then you don't need to do it again. Unless you are constantly creating new folders and filling them with content every day, that shouldn't take you more than a few seconds of work here and there.

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