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How Do I Organize Multiple Open Documents On the Page?

I have a MacBook Air and use Word and save in Word docx. What I’m trying to figure out is how to organize my open Word docs.
When I go to that screen, they are all over the page, different sizes, not in any particular order, and I have to scroll across each one to have the name of the doc pop up.
I’d almost rather have them in an alpha “list” format, but don’t know how to get there!

Yes, I keep a number of Word docs open at one time.
If I’m working on a manuscript, I have a Manuscript draft, Manuscript Notes and often other Manuscript docs I’ll need.
If I’m writing a news release, I’ll have the current release, a previous released, and a doc with notes in it.
I need to be able to identify and open each OPEN word doc quickly without having to cursor over each one to have the title pop up.
Laurie F

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    2 years ago

    It is just a matter of learning some more techniques that can help in different situations. It seems like you want to have a lot of Word windows open, and switch between them easily.

    First, try the keyboard shortcut to do it. That's Command+`. Hold the Command key down and tap ` as much as you want to loop through the windows, then release Command. It will switch in such a way that the last window will be first, So a quick Command+` will switch between the last two windows. Very handy.

    Next, try Control+Down Arrow. This brings up a nice ordered list of open windows in the current app. Other recent documents at the bottom too. And you can use the arrow keys and Return to jump to a window.

    You can also go to the Window and see the list if open windows there.

    It is also in the Dock. Click and hold the Word icon in the Dock and you'll get the list of opened and recent documents there too.

    Try those options out and see if it improves your productivity.

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