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How Do I Overcome Wireless Audio Delay In Keynote?

When I click to play a video in Keynote through to my wirless speakers there is a 2 sec buffer delay before the video starts. This does not happen when the speakers are directly connected via the 3.5 audio headphone out.

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    2 years ago

    Which kind of wireless speakers are these? Bluetooth? If so, which version of Bluetooth? Which Mac are you using? (I assume a Mac, but you don’t mention. Maybe an iPhone or iPad?).

    If you are using very recent versions of Bluetooth on both your Mac/iOS device and with the wireless speakers, then there should be very little lag. But older versions of Bluetooth, such as if you are using older wireless speakers, will have more.

    In that case, Bluetooth still works great for audio that doesn’t need to sync with a visual element, like a video. So listening to music is fine. How would you even know there is a delay? But doing it with video is a problem and you should probably stick with the wired connection unless updating your devices is possible.

    Impossible for me to say more since I don’t know the devices involved. Even if I did, chances are I wouldn’t have those same devices available to test so it is hard to give advice.

    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary, Wi Fi no bluetooth on speaker ‘Libratone Zoom’ running a 2015 macbookpro 15” retina….as you say, perhaps sticking to a hard wire connection is best to avoid any delay….thanks once again.

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