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How Do I Permanently Remove a File From the Finder’s Toolbar?

I’d like to add a “Purge” button to the Finder’s toolbar. It should really delete a file instead of moving it to the Trash folder.
I had such a button added by another app about 5 years ago but it disappeared after I upgraded MacOS.

I simply don’t like having to go into the Trash to”Delete Immediately” very large files I don’t need anymore. It will just save some time because I often download large files that aren’t needed after they are used (eg. a ZIP file after it is opened).
Ilan Aisic

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    3 years ago

    I don't know of a Toolbar button that will do that for you, but you can easily do it with a menu command or keyboard shortcut.

    In the menu bar, choose File, Move to Trash but hold the Option key and Move to Trash changes to Delete Immediately. The keyboard shortcut for Move to Trash is Command+Delete, and for Delete Immediately it is Command+Option+Delete.

    Ilan Aisic
    3 years ago

    Thanks, this works. I wasn't aware of it.

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