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How Do I Prevent El Capitan From Sending My Private Info To ANY Cloud or Web Site?

I use a Mac Mini 2012. I am most familiar with Windows where I have many third party firewall products I can use and use Firefox with Ghostery and other items that block all forms of tracking. I use DuckDuckGo search. I have good anti-malware products. And so on. Some, but not most, work on my Mac Mini. I have trouble finding Apple and third party products that give me any sense of privacy protection. Please help me secure my Mac Mini.
John Marshall

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    8 years ago

    I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish. It is hard to use the Internet without some information going the other way. For instance, you have an IP address. When you ask for a page from a web site it has to know your IP address so it can return the page. So then it knows a little about where you are and can track you as you go through that site. Plus, for many sites you need to log on to use them, so it knows something about you then too since you have created an account with them.
    But then you are asking to "please help me secure my Mac mini" which is different than your original question. Security and privacy are two different things, really. OS X is very secure and there's not much you need to do besides watch which apps you download. You don't need anti-malware software.
    I don't have a good answer for you on all of this. If you want ultimate privacy then get off the Internet. If you just want to be careful about which services you trust, then do so. You'll need to spend a lot of time and effort thinking about the services you use and decide to trust. Some research on each one too.
    Sounds like you want a very comprehensive answer to your specific desires. Perhaps hiring a security professional to help you directly may be your best route.

    John Marshall
    8 years ago

    To qualify what I said, look at what Berners-Lee said in his article "Internet has become worldā€™s largest surveillance network", look at how Microsoft is ramming Windows 10 down the throats of Windows 7/8 users, etc. I could send you links to many misuses of the Internet by governments and corporations. I am aware that my IP address is getting tracked, but they would have to contact my ISP to know who that is. I may have to quit the Internet eventually.

    8 years ago

    Get and learn how to use Little Snitch.

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