How To Prevent Watch-And-Grab iPhone Theft

If you are worried that someone can watch you enter your passcode on your iPhone and then steal your iPhone from you, then here's how to protect yourself.

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    1 year ago

    I could be wrong, but I believe the real problem with the watch and grab iPhone theft is that once you know the passcode you can change the apple id password since that process only requires the iphone passcode, not the current apple id password also. Once the apple id is changed the original owner cannot ever get back into that icloud account again and all that data is gone forever.

    1 year ago

    Morris: Yes, which is why using Face ID in public is better since you can't change your Apple ID with just Face ID (and a thief wouldn't have your face anyway). I think you have some recourse if someone steals your Apple ID, but it depends on the situation.

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