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How Do I Print Multiple PDF Thumbnails?

I want to print in sequence, 30 different pdf files as thumbnails, 6 to a page, on multiple pages. I read online instructions but I can’t find a way to print 6 different pdfs to a page. All I get is one specific pdf to show at a time. Under “view” I can’t get a list to choose which ones I want to be printed as thumbnails.I use a new HP laser printer.

I need several (about 30) separate pdf files printed as thumbnails on as many sheets as it will take. I want 6 files per page. My pdf files are in a folder, in a folder on my desktop. I have a MacBook Air 13″.
Louise Tucker

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    2 years ago

    I would merge those 30 PDFs into one document in Preview. Then use the Print options to print 6 per page. See

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