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How Do I Print Off a Paper Copy Of All Of My Mac Passwords To Keep In a Safe Place?

I had asked you some questions earlier about using Mac passwords off a a video you had recently done. You suggested that I review your security class on Udemy. Well I did as you suggested and would absolutely believe that it is the first course that any new Mac owner must watch. So, thank you as it was full of great information. But you always provided great information. The only question that I have is that I still don’t know if I can print off all of the passwords that Safari creates and store that paper version in a safe place. Is such possible?

Again, I am glad you suggest the course as I learned much.
Sheldon Hough

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    3 years ago

    It doesn't seem like there is a good way to do this. But you probably don't want to have all of your passwords printed anyway. Just looking at mine, and 90 percent or more are passwords to sites or services that really aren't important. And those can all be easily recovered by requesting password resets that send email or text messages.

    So the first accounts you want to worry about are: Mac account password, iPhone/iPad passcodes, and email account passwords. With these, you can probably reset most things and get those two-factor codes you'll need in some cases.

    Then you want to worry about Apple ID (iCloud) and similar services (Google account, for instance).

    After that, start thinking of things like bank sites, investment account sites, and all of the sites you log on to pay bills and manage your money. Then worry about sites like Amazon, eBay, Facebook and things like that. You can probably recover all of those passwords with access to your email account and phone. So they aren't as important.

    So maybe a typical list would be 20-30 passwords and passcodes. But if you have time, keep going and get as many as you want.

    Unfortunately, the only good way to get them is to go to Safari, Preferences, Passwords and Control+click them and Copy Website/User Name/Password and paste them into a document. If you stick to the important ones, you should be able to get it done in 10-15 minutes or less.

    Then maybe add to your document things like a house safe code or security deposit box numbers, etc.

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