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How Do I Put a Header On Only Page 1 and Footer On Pages 1,2,3 and Beyond?

I would like to make a letterhead template that has the letterhead header only on page 1, but the footer is on all following pages, no matter how many pages I create. So it would be a word processing doc, I think, so that the text flows from page to page. The problem I hit is that the header and footer seem to be linked in a way that makes them appear or disappear together. I watched a lot of videos and I am stumped!

I need a letterhead template with different headers and footers on different pages, over multiple pages.

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    1 year ago

    So you use the terms "header" and "footer" here but I don't think you are talking about the actual header for the document. That's just the three little boxes that appear at the top of every page. I think you mean to add a letterhead "masthead" to the first page. Something a little more involved than just a simple header with a page number and date or some such. Maybe some lines, a logo, address, phone number, etc.

    So I would leave the actual document header empty. Set up the footer as you like.

    Then I would create the masthead elements you want on the first page. Maybe plan on using a large rectangle shape behind all of it with no fill color, but the Text Wrap set to Above and Below. That will push down the body text on that first page.

    Since the masthead only appears on that first page, when you overrun the page and go to page 2, you won't see any masthead there. The text would just start at the top.

    1 year ago

    This is fantastic. I've looked everywhere and got a personal response from Gary that worked just right. My only comment is that it worked only after putting the unfilled rectangle behind my masthead (the instructions said to "maybe" do this but I found it necessary). This fix is definitely worth a Patreon contribution.

    1 year ago

    Thanks! 😀

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