How To Deal With Unusual Page Numbering In Mac Pages

Learn how to set up your Pages documents for title pages, front matter, left and right facing pages, skipped pages and much more.

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    2 years ago

    Thank again Gary! Just as recently as last week I was trying to resolve page numbering in a document and this is the best training I've seen on how to control page numbering (in particular for Apple Pages, but even just understanding word processing versus layout, which I've never fully understood). One question though, at the very end, why would one need to control the page numbering (I assume that means order) when being able to put whatever you want on your templates?

    2 years ago

    JL: Not quite sure what you mean. If you have 4 pages, you could just put numbers on them manually. But for more, it may be nice to still use automatic numbering.

    Louise Tuckee
    7 months ago

    My WORD PROSESSING file shows that each page as a separate section. I can see the section line and icon at the right end when I go to show invisibles. I have no idea why each page is a section when the file is NOT in word processing, When I insert a number, the following page footers are all copies of whatever number I insert, not consecutive 1,2,3, etc. How can I get numbering to be consecutive? Also, I am unable to change the numbering formats. I began with a blank template.

    7 months ago

    Louise: Make sure that the pages/sections are set to follow with the last page number and not start at a specific number.

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