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How Do I Record Audio On My iMac?

Hi Gary. In Catalina, Audacity no longer works. Do you know if there is a similar app available, to allow the recording of audio from my iMAC soundcard? Thanks very much.

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    4 years ago

    First, you can get Audacity to record from the microphone on Catalina. There is a problem with the most recent version where it simply doesn't prompt for permission to use the mic. It won't do it if you run the app normally, but if you launch it from the Terminal it will prompt. So open the Terminal and use this:

    open /Applications/

    That will then prompt for permission to use the mic, but as "Terminal" so it still won't give permissions to Audacity. It just means you have to run it from the Terminal if you want to use the mic. Hopefully they will have this fixed in the next version.

    But other than that, there are many ways to record from the microphone if that is all you need. You can do it with QuickTime Player. You can do it with the Voice Memos app. You can do it in GarageBand. And then there are many third-party apps that will do it too.

    4 years ago

    Thanks for the quick response, Gary. I’m wanting to record audio from the internet, not the microphone (I don’t know if that has a bearing on things). And I actually have tried what you suggest, all Terminal tells me is there is no such file or directory. And Audacity isn’t in a strange place on my Mac or anything, it’s in the applications folder.
    I hope Audacity update it to work fully soon. Thanks again.

    4 years ago

    Ben: The path /Applications/ is where I see it on my Mac. Check to see if there is where you have Audacity installed on yours and use your path if that is not it. Not sure how it will work with recording audio from other apps, like a browser. You can do that with some screen capture software so you may have to buy one that supports that feature.

    Blair Shawn
    4 years ago

    There are many programs that can record sound from the soundcard on your Mac, but it might be difficult to find the suitable one. Perhaps you can illustrate your demands more detailed? Anyway, the one that I'm using is Joyoshare Audio Recorder, which can retain a high quality of the recording. Maybe you will like it.

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