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How Do I Record Using the Jack Socket?

I am trying to record audio input from a tape deck via the jack socket on a MacBook Pro 15” but cannot change the input setting to anything other than internal mic which does allow external input. Any ideas?

I have successfully downloaded from my record deck but cannot understand why it doesn’t record from a tape deck with audio output?
Clive Patterson

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    3 years ago

    That isn't an audio input port. It is a speaker/headphone port. It can be used with some headsets, like the old iPhone earbuds, with the microphone in those. But microphone input is not audio input -- they are different in fundamental ways.

    What you need to an USB audio interface. This provides an actual audio input to your Mac that will show up as an input.

    Search Amazon for "usb audio interface" and you'll find a lot of them. They are pretty cheap.

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