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How Do I Recover Deleted Photos From My HD ( MBP)?

I deleted photos from my MBP and an SD card. Please suggest software. There are many out there but I trust MacMost.
Greg Allen

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    2 years ago

    Do you have a Time Machine backup? That is the easiest way. (And if not, then it is time to start!)

    Are you using iCloud Photo Library? If so, then the photos are in your Recently Deleted folder in the Photos app. Not sure if that folder is also there if you are not using iCloud, but check.

    It will probably be impossible to recover the files from your MacBook using recovery software. But if you haven’t used the SD card at all since then, then you may be able to get some of them from the SD card.

    In the distant past I used FileSalvage ( to recover some files from an SD card and had some success. Not sure how that software is now and if it will help you.

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