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How Do I Remotely Control Another Mac Over the Internet?

In lion I hd iChat and with jabber could remotely control a friens Mac over the internet. With Mountain Lion and messages that doesn’t work anymore. Is there another way to do it?
Norbert Joost

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    7 years ago

    I never used iChat’s ability to control another Mac. But from what I understood, it was just a way to launch screen sharing. Screen sharing is part of Mountain Lion and better than ever.
    To initiate it, you would use Back to My Mac or just use the IP address of the other machine. In the finder I use Command+K and the vnc:// and the IP address of the other Mac.

      Norbert Joost
      7 years ago

      Thanx for the reply, I will try it later. However if it works it is not very convenient, as the other side has to know its IP-adress. Not everyone knows how to do it. I thought, that if you have a chat connection you automatically can go to screensharing.

        7 years ago

        You could use log me in ( it’s free for basic access, works on Mac and pc and has a free iOS app. I use it to remotely maintain computers in my family (not all mountain lion, even some pc)

    Vivian Rosser
    6 years ago

    I use Teamviewer to take control of a Mac or PC anywhere in the World providing they also have Teamviewer then they send me a password that is generated on their computer and then I am in, but only for that occasion if I need to go into their computer again another new password is needed, I have helped quite a few people using this method.

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