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How Do I Remove or Edit Auto Suggestions In Numbers?

I have the latests version. When you start typing in a cell in Numbers, previously used contents will pop up. Is there any way to edit these as many of the suggestions are no longer wanted. Thanks.
Marcia Byerly

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    7 years ago

    Using the current version of Number, the auto-complete suggestions are taken from the other cells in the table. So, for instance, if you have cells with "Dave," "Daniel" and "Daphne" in them, and type "Da" in the next cell, you will see all three as quick auto-complete options. But if you delete the cell with "Daniel" in it, and there are no other Daniels, then you will only see two options.
    So since it is taking text from existing cells, there is no way to tell it not to use text that is still present somewhere in the document.
    You can just turn the feature off, in Numbers, Preferences, General.

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