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How Do I Remove Possible Malware?

When my friend goes to open her web browser (I believe it’s Safari), a pop-up screen appears for ResultSearchManager. Based on a couple of Google searches, it seems like this might be some kind of malware. I know in general anti-malware software isn’t required on a Mac (I don’t use it personally), but if someone is already infected with something would it make sense to download something like CleanMyMac, run it, and then uninstall it after? It appears to be pretty intrusive, and I’m hoping she doesn’t have to reinstall macOS from scratch.

Thanks in advance!

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    3 years ago

    It sounds like she installed something from a site she shouldn't have trusted. Please refer her to my recent video on this:

    If you search for "ResultSearchManager" mac remove you'll get some sites that list uninstall instructions. I've never uninstalled this myself, so I can't give you my own instructions for that. Hopefully those work.

    Alternatively, take the Mac to an expert who can do it by working with the Mac directly. You can start with the Genius Bar, but if one is not open nearby, then any Mac shop.

    You could always just backup all data, wipe the drive, and reinstall the system. But another option is to use the free version of Malwarebytes. Just install it, run it to see if it gets rid of this infestation, and then delete the app after. I don't like to recommend it, but if you have no other options then it should be OK to try. The key here is you run it only to get rid of this, and aren't installing something that is going to keep running on your system slowing you down and causing more trouble.

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