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How Do I Remove

Safari was set to open “” when first opened. Now Safari opens to an unwanted “” On Safari>preferences>general I cannot change “New windows (or Tags) Open With” or “Home Page” or “Set to Current Page” to reset to “” Questions: What is “”? How did I get it? And better yet, How can I get rid of it? I can delete it from Safari>Privacy>Manage website data, but it keeps coming back. Thanks for your help. Bruce
Bruce Bennett

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    2 years ago

    It looks like that is malware that you installed on your Mac. It may have come in using a disguise (as another app you downloaded) or with some other app you downloaded as an add-on. It is important to only download apps from the Mac App Store or from sites you trust. Even if you trust the software, make sure you are downloading from a the real site, not a fake one or reseller.

    You can get rid of it by taking your Mac to the Genius Bar to have them do it for you. Using the free version of Malwarebytes may do it too, if you know how to use that. But if you can take it to an expert, I would do that.

    2 years ago

    You can call AppleCare instead of going in Apple Retail Store. They can get rid of this malware.
    I’m an AppleCare Senior Advisor and I can advise you to launch a scan of MalwareBytes which is fully recommended by Apple (we cannot offer support on this app ofc).
    If the issue persists please check in System Preferences if there are some Profiles (if you don’t see the tab it’s because you haven’t profiles). The profiles are blocking the Safari Preferences. After just putyour homepageback

    Douglas Brace
    2 years ago

    I am not an Apple employee but I can confirm that Malwarebytes should do most of the hard work but you will need to go into “System Preferences” and “Profiles” (if it is there) and remove the profile. The profile was probably installed while installing a fake version of Adobe Flash Player. This type of “infection” happened to my Mom’s iMac a few weeks ago.

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