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How Do I Remove the Original Administrator and Just Have 1 Account?

Hi Gary, I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a while and really enjoy the way you teach. Today I finally joined Patreon! My question is: how do I remove the administrator of my MacBook Pro 2017? My husband bought it for himself but ended up liking his older PC better cause he didn’t want to learn anything new. I love Mac products and so he gave it to me. I signed up for my own account but of course my husband is the administrator and still has a certain amount of files and so forth on “his side” that I’d like to remove. I just want to be the administrator and owner with no other accounts on it. Hope this makes sense, probably very simple but can’t seem to find the answer when I search your site. Thanks so much!
Vivian Lechner

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    2 years ago

    So do you have two administrator accounts now? If not, first log into the one admin account and go to System Preferences, Users and Groups, and make the other one and admin too. You'll need to do that first.

    Then log out and log back to your account. Then you can return to Users and Groups and select the other account and delete it.

    However, I would suggest not doing that. Leave it there. If there are some large files in it making it take up a lot of space, you can always delete those. Then it should use much space at all. And it could come in handy if your husband wants too ever use the Mac, maybe just to try something out or see something he forgot he left there in the account.

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