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How Do I Replicate Dropbox Vault With iCloud/iDrive?

Hi Gary
I have a subscribed Dropbox account and they have recently introduced a “Vault” service. It is essentially a pasword protected folder that can be used to store important documents that can then be retrieved via any device or browser. It is also possible to give access to another authorised user who can download a zip file of the contents. I wonder if it is possible to replicate this service with iCloud/iDrive?
Thanks & Regards

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    2 years ago

    Not as a special feature just like that. I suppose you can create an encrypted disk image and put it on iCloud Drive, then share it with someone. Then they can get it and open it with the password. But the steps involved are very different.

    However, you can already share a file or folder using iCloud Drive. And you can already restrict that sharing to one person. And all iCloud Drive files are encrypted. And both you and the other person would need to be logged in with your password (and two-factor!) to access the file.

    So what is the difference? What is it that you are trying to do that iCloud Drive doesn't already provide?

    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary
    I had not considered the fact that iCloud Drive files are encrypted. Based on that assumption, the sharing capability of iCloud folders is probably more flexible than theVault feature. I guess the only advantage of Vault is that it always requires the password to view. So if I am logged onto my Mac I would still need to enter the password, whereas with the iCloud option the folder contents would be visible (assuming that the encrypted disk option had not been employed) Cheers Mick

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